High Quality

Our steel is produced in a factory that to high-quality standards, beautifully sharp and full-profiled rectangles.

Fast Delivery

Products will be delivered within 1-2 business days without additional shipping charges.

Lower Price

Who gives the low price, we offer lower within the same standard. Save wisely and get quality products.

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พิพัฒน์สตีล บจก.

พิพัฒน์สตีล บจก.

พิพัฒน์สตีล บจก.


  • Starting with a new generation, determined to lead in the distribution of steel bars, structural steel, and wire mesh. Providing affordable prices for quality steel products.
  • Providing services for all types of steel, for customers who have experienced challenges in the past when buying and selling steel.
  • Confidence in product quality, professionalism in service, and lower pricing.

More than 10 years of our organization ordering a wealth of experiences.

  • We have experience in providing services for all types of steel, including steel bars, structural steel, and wire mesh.
  • We are attention to collecting information from all customers and organizations to meet their needs and exceed expectations in providing steel services.
  • We adhere to honesty and transparency, providing the same standard of service to every customer. This commitment has earned us recognition and acceptance from customers, government agencies, private sectors, contractors, and leading real estate developers both in the Eastern region and throughout Thailand.
  • We have a commitment to developing the organization in line with government policies, fostering growth and alignment with public sector initiatives for EEC (Eastern Economic Corridor)


We are a leader in steel distribution

for construstrion to meet all your needs.